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(The Official Handbook of the CDM Universe)


Real Name: Charles Moore

Occupation: Writer, Machine operator

Identity: The general populace is unaware of CDM’s existence, but he is taking steps to rectify that.

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States

Former Aliases: Charlie

Martial Status: Happily married

Known Relatives: Parents, wife, kids, Walter the Dog.

Place of Birth: Sisters Hospital, St. Joseph, MO

Group Affiliation: Reviewer for Movie

Base of Operations: St. Joseph, MO

First Appearance: 1972

Origin: The actual events surrounding CDM’s origin have yet to be revealed.


History: C. Dennis Moore was born Charles Moore in October of 1972. Nine years later he stopped going by Charles (his step-father’s name) and took his biological father’s name (Dennis). This change has never been made legal. Nine years later again, Dennis Moore started writing and never stopped. Later that same year, his high school Composition teacher, Mrs. Barr, one of the most vocal of those early supporters and head of the yearbook staff, listed him in his Senior yearbook as C. Dennis Moore. He’s used it ever since.


Since then he’s published over 60 short stories, 3 novellas, 1 novel, a poetry collection, compiled several anthologies, and a number of short story collections. Other than writing, his interests are very limited.




C. Dennis Moore Statistics

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 165lbs.

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Distinguishing Features: Cartilage pierced in left ear, lower case d-shaped burn scar on right forearm.

Strength Level: CDM possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: CDM has the power to create alternate realities--wherein vampires are legal citizens, Santa Claus eats the bad children, and Hell spreads like an infection across the land--by writing short stories and novels.

Limitations: As if.

Abilities: CDM is proficient at walking and reading at the same time.  He also makes an awesome taco dinner.

Weapons: CDM is often armed with a biting wit.  When that fails, he’s always got a book at hand and is able to fling them with deadly accuracy.

Dancing on a Razorblade

 DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE, is 45,000 words of intense, hard-hitting horror fiction that refuses to let up until the bloody end.

Starting with the first story, “Cuneiforms”, which finds a quartet of carpoolers following a strange school bus full of seemingly drugged children as they head for an abandoned school. The foursome watch as the kids are unloaded to the playground where they’re used in a mysterious and puzzling ritual meant to call forth an ancient beast from Hell by unlocking hidden glyphs in the playground diagrams. Guaranteed you’ll never look at a school playground the same again.

In “Maggie Andrews Gets the Facts”, a journalist desperate to keep her job follows a lead to a rich eccentric’s house when he tells her he has the devil locked away upstairs. Is he serious, or is the little girl Maggie finds just a little girl? The shocking end of this story will keep you awake long after you’ve closed the book.

DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE is a serious collection of horror fiction which reveals the monsters truly are hiding everywhere. In “Renovation”, Jack just wants to spend the day looking for a job and taking care of his son. But when the walls of his house start breathing, then calling his name, he has only one thought: survive.

In “Revenge of the Roach King”, Jerry has a serious bug problem stemming from a heist gone bad. It seems his dead ex-partner had a million silent partners of his own, and now they want his share.

In “Raw Materials”, a wrong turn leads a man into a strange little town where they use every part of the animal, leading to a desperate game of hide and seek as their hunger gets the best of them.

“Blood Bitch” introduces the world to a new and vicious monster that is sure to haunt your nightmares. Jason’s dad tells him the terrifying story of the Blood Bitch, a creature with no face and a mouth in her stomach which she uses to eat children in their beds. But dad’s untouched medication says the real danger may lie closer to home. This is a story that challenges the notions of real and make believe and how powerful the idea of belief really is.

Nine stories make up this bloody collection, and each tale is built on a deadly premise wherein the things and the people you interact with every day really are out to get you. Nothing is safe and DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE illustrates that point with a very fine and dangerous edge.

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With Just a Hint of Mayhem

 This massive book contains the full versions of my first three collections under one title and priced to sell.  At $5.99, you get two collections at the regular $2.99 price and the third for only $0.01.

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The Dichotomy of Monsters

THE DICHOTOMY OF MONSTERS contains fifteen terrifying tales of things that aren’t what they seem. Moore’s reality will leave you questioning your own senses and doubting the proof right in front of your eyes.

In “Reckoning”, Jody returns to his old home after his mother’s funeral to find some of the memories he thought he’d left behind aren’t so quiet nor so forgotten. Fans of his haunted house novel The Third Floor will find Moore’s take on ghosts in this story to be anything but typical.

In “Timesmiths”, Moore ponders the question of time travel and what happens to the perceptions of those being affected when alterations are made. In “Broken Man”, poor Mr. Sumner saw angels take away his dying wife and now he thinks he can bring them back for him if he makes himself suffer enough.

In the title story, an escaped Mr. Hyde sets out for America in search of a permanent cure to his weak alter-ego. But he soon discovers the real monsters are not quite as obviously recognized as he is.

In “Monday”, the one C. Dennis Moore calls “the best story I’ve ever written”, Maddy has only one goal today: die. But an old custom and a deep-rooted sense of routine keeps her locked in an unending cycle until she can figure out the key to breaking her pattern.

These are just some of the fifteen stories in THE DICHOTOMY OF MONSTERS, but each one offers its own unique view of hell and the monsters that dwell there. Leave your preconceptions at the door and let C. Dennis Moore show you just how beautiful monsters can be and, as in the story “The Garden”, how monstrous the beautiful.

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Love Jones

In this collection, I  leave behind the ghosts to offer five erotic stories, some with a speculative bent.

In “Cunt”, a disgruntled ex waxes poetic about the one who got away. 

 “Like the Fruuits of the Devil” tells of a bet between a demon in Hell and the Devil himself: seduce an angel and gain free reign. 

In “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, a man tries to discover if things with his ex would have been different if he’d been a woman. 

 “The Karma Factor at Madam Ruby’s” shows Richard’s attempt to repair his broken marriage by reliving the last time things were good between he and his wife: the last time he cheated on her. 

“Goodbye” is a bittersweet love letter, written by a man to the woman who broke his heart. 

 LOVE JONES isn’t a happy-go-lucky collection. These love stories do not have happy endings. Instead, these stories show the darker, less appealing side of opening your heart to someone. Fueled by sleepless nights and grey skies, LOVE JONES just might ruin your day. 

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