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Short Story Collections

Terrible Thrills

This was my very first short story collection, originally published in 2005 by Silver Lake Press.  A few years later that company folded and I regained the rights.  TERRIBLE THRILLS contains 25 stories, all 3500 words or less (some of them only 100 words long), most of them previously published.


"C. Dennis Moore is a writer well worth watching, if for no other reason than to say you were reading him long before he hit the big time, as he is certainly destined to." 

-- Kealan Patrick Burke, Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, The Hides, and Vessels 

“C. Dennis Moore has the unusual ability to connect with readers. I have to wonder why, with his ability to shock with everyday fascination and superb craft, he isn't famous yet across our dark, dark world. But he will be.” 
--Charlee Jacob, Stoker Award-winning author of Dread in the Beast, Wormwood Nights, and Haunter 

"Author C. Dennis Moore definitely knows his way around a short story. His mastery of the form is especially evident in the two dozen examples comprising his debut collection, Terrible Thrills ... The flash fiction works like a sucker punch to the eye, but the longer stories -- given Moore's economy with words -- allow him to drag us through quite a range of terrors." 
--Craig Clarke, Craig’s Book Club 

“Moore builds the suspense with an excellent eye for detail as if it’s actually happening. I wondered if stories like “Inside” were monsters born of nightmares he’s had. A strange, fertile mind indeed.” 

“The consistent improvement in his work over the years, as well as his ability to seamlessly shift from the mundane to the surreal, indicate an author worth keeping an eye on.” 
--Garrett Peck, Cemetery Dance Magazine

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Icons to Ashes

In a time when the undead bloodsuckers of legend have become a shadow of their former selves thanks to watered-down romance novels like TWILIGHT and the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series, horror author C. Dennis Moore returns the icons to their former glory with his collection of 6 short stories, ICONS TO ASHES. Featuring 3 previously published stories plus 3 all-new tales, ICONS TO ASHES doesn't shy away for one moment from the bloodshed and ferocity of these killing machines.

In "Birth Day", Douglas Neville wakes up battered and bruised in an alley with a severed head belonging to no one he knows not far from him. He's confused and unsure of who he even is, and when the police show up and take him into custody, he wonders who's the worse off for it, himself or the cops who think he's at their mercy.

"Day Sleeper" sees a world where the vampires have become citizens with equal rights. Some people still hold prejudices, though, and when Dale learns of an opportunity to move somewhere no vampires are allowed, he jumps at the chance. Maybe a little too quickly.

In "Family Name", Jody wanders the streets at night, just trying to clear his head enough to understand what the red line he feels compelled to follow really is. The surreal dreamscape of his mind keeps his thoughts muddled until the line leads him to the door of a familiar face and Jody finds himself helpless in the wake of unnatural urges.


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The Dichotomy of Monsters

THE DICHOTOMY OF MONSTERS contains fifteen terrifying tales of things that aren’t what they seem. Moore’s reality will leave you questioning your own senses and doubting the proof right in front of your eyes.

In “Reckoning”, Jody returns to his old home after his mother’s funeral to find some of the memories he thought he’d left behind aren’t so quiet nor so forgotten. Fans of his haunted house novel The Third Floor will find Moore’s take on ghosts in this story to be anything but typical.

In “Timesmiths”, Moore ponders the question of time travel and what happens to the perceptions of those being affected when alterations are made. In “Broken Man”, poor Mr. Sumner saw angels take away his dying wife and now he thinks he can bring them back for him if he makes himself suffer enough.

In the title story, an escaped Mr. Hyde sets out for America in search of a permanent cure to his weak alter-ego. But he soon discovers the real monsters are not quite as obviously recognized as he is.

In “Monday”, the one C. Dennis Moore calls “the best story I’ve ever written”, Maddy has only one goal today: die. But an old custom and a deep-rooted sense of routine keeps her locked in an unending cycle until she can figure out the key to breaking her pattern.

These are just some of the fifteen stories in THE DICHOTOMY OF MONSTERS, but each one offers its own unique view of hell and the monsters that dwell there. Leave your preconceptions at the door and let C. Dennis Moore show you just how beautiful monsters can be and, as in the story “The Garden”, how monstrous the beautiful.

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Love Jones

In this collection, I  leave behind the ghosts to offer five erotic stories, some with a speculative bent.

In “Cunt”, a disgruntled ex waxes poetic about the one who got away. 

 “Like the Fruuits of the Devil” tells of a bet between a demon in Hell and the Devil himself: seduce an angel and gain free reign. 

In “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, a man tries to discover if things with his ex would have been different if he’d been a woman. 

 “The Karma Factor at Madam Ruby’s” shows Richard’s attempt to repair his broken marriage by reliving the last time things were good between he and his wife: the last time he cheated on her. 

“Goodbye” is a bittersweet love letter, written by a man to the woman who broke his heart. 

 LOVE JONES isn’t a happy-go-lucky collection. These love stories do not have happy endings. Instead, these stories show the darker, less appealing side of opening your heart to someone. Fueled by sleepless nights and grey skies, LOVE JONES just might ruin your day. 

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Dancing on a Razorblade

 DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE, is 45,000 words of intense, hard-hitting horror fiction that refuses to let up until the bloody end.

Starting with the first story, “Cuneiforms”, which finds a quartet of carpoolers following a strange school bus full of seemingly drugged children as they head for an abandoned school. The foursome watch as the kids are unloaded to the playground where they’re used in a mysterious and puzzling ritual meant to call forth an ancient beast from Hell by unlocking hidden glyphs in the playground diagrams. Guaranteed you’ll never look at a school playground the same again.

In “Maggie Andrews Gets the Facts”, a journalist desperate to keep her job follows a lead to a rich eccentric’s house when he tells her he has the devil locked away upstairs. Is he serious, or is the little girl Maggie finds just a little girl? The shocking end of this story will keep you awake long after you’ve closed the book.

DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE is a serious collection of horror fiction which reveals the monsters truly are hiding everywhere. In “Renovation”, Jack just wants to spend the day looking for a job and taking care of his son. But when the walls of his house start breathing, then calling his name, he has only one thought: survive.

In “Revenge of the Roach King”, Jerry has a serious bug problem stemming from a heist gone bad. It seems his dead ex-partner had a million silent partners of his own, and now they want his share.

In “Raw Materials”, a wrong turn leads a man into a strange little town where they use every part of the animal, leading to a desperate game of hide and seek as their hunger gets the best of them.

“Blood Bitch” introduces the world to a new and vicious monster that is sure to haunt your nightmares. Jason’s dad tells him the terrifying story of the Blood Bitch, a creature with no face and a mouth in her stomach which she uses to eat children in their beds. But dad’s untouched medication says the real danger may lie closer to home. This is a story that challenges the notions of real and make believe and how powerful the idea of belief really is.

Nine stories make up this bloody collection, and each tale is built on a deadly premise wherein the things and the people you interact with every day really are out to get you. Nothing is safe and DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE illustrates that point with a very fine and dangerous edge.

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What the Blind Man Saw

Fifteen stories of hellish horrors come together in C. Dennis Moore’s latest collection, WHAT THE BLIND MAN SAW.

Rudy finds a dead baby in his trash can. 

Another man will do anything to escape Hell and take vengeance on Heaven. 

Cody has done a bad thing, and a disfigured goblin is set on making him pay. 

Sean Leonard goes out for pizza one night, but on the way back home finds himself on an endless highway, and the clocks have stopped moving. 

And in Angel Hill, high school student Danny has found a mysterious object outside a church, one that promises him revenge and notoriety, but threatens so much worse in return. 

WHAT THE BLIND MAN SAW promises chills and thrills amid a host of horrors guaranteed to keep the lights on into the late hours. Featuring killer cockroaches, an immortal who won’t stop aging, and the Devil on a drug run, this collection is a great jumping on point for Moore’s brand of horror in bite-size doses. 

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With Just a Hint of Mayhem

 This massive book contains the full versions of my first three collections under one title and priced to sell.  At $5.99, you get two collections at the regular $2.99 price and the third for only $0.01.

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