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eBooks by C. Dennis Moore

Five Fictions is a sampler of short stories from my various collections, Terrible Thrills, Icons to Ashes, Dancing On a Razorblade, The Dichotomy of Monsters, and What the Blind Man Saw.

The stories in this book run the gamut from mythological gods plotting against humanity to answering the question of what those noises your house makes might really be all about, and finishing up with a story about a young girl whose secrets are about to be revealed when her parents abandon her to the care of a shiftless cousin.

Five Fictions is a collection of my most popular short stories and a great introduction to the author Kealan Patrick-Burke once called “one of the suspense genres best-kept secrets.”  You can get it for $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or Free everywhere else, while I wait for Amazon and B&N to catch up.

$0.99: Amazon Kindle Amazon print AmazonUK Nook

FREE: Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Angel Hill shorts

 The Angel Hill shorts are, as the title suggests, short stories set in my fictional town of Angel Hill, setting of my best selling novels THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW and THE FLIP.  More Angel Hill shorts are coming, each one's title--but not story--inspired by the title of a Harvey Danger song, one of my favorite bands.  I love a writing challenge and it's definitely been a challenge coming up with stories from someone else's titles, but I'm having a great time figuring them out.

These stories are all currently available in print or ebook editions, as well as audiobooks.  Prices are uniform at $0.99 for ebook, $3.99 for print, or $3.95 for the audiobooks..



Carlotta Valdez: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Audiobook AmazonUK Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Flagpole Sitta: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Woolly Muffler: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Inktera iTunes Smashwords Kobo Nook Scribd

Private Helicopter Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Amazon UK Audiobook 

Holiday Horrors











A few years ago I had the idea, inspired by the awesomely bad slasher films of my childhood, to turn every single holiday into a horror story.  My original plan was to write them and release each new story on that holiday, so "New Year's Day" was released on January 1, 2013, and "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" was released on MLK day that same year.  But then something unexpected happened.  My novel THE THIRD FLOOR took off like a rocket and started selling too many copies for me to ignore, making me realize I had better start writing a few more novels, like right now.  So I postponed the Holiday Horror plans and wrote THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND and THE FLIP.  At this point, I already had "Groundhog Day" in first draft, but I set it aside and came back to it later.  Once those novels were done, I wanted to get back to the Holiday Horror stories, but at this point I was also interested in doing the Angel Hill shorts.  So I decided to rotate back and forth and write whichever one I felt was most demanding to be written at that time. Many many more Holiday Horrors are coming.  For now, each of these is available on Amazon Kindle, print, and audiobook, with more platforms coming available soon.  Ebooks are $0.99, print books are $3.99, with audiobook prices varying according to length.  Links are here for all editions:

New Year's Day: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Groundhog Day: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Ash Wednesday: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK Audiobook Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

Graphic Novels in Prose











I've been a comic book fan most of my life, and as every comic book fan can tell you, I've had a lot of fun creating my own characters.  All of these stories, except THE NIGHT, were originally written as comic book scripts which I had hoped to sell to a comic book company and one day see in full color comic or graphic novel format.  A couple of them made a little progress.  "Fluke" was even under contract, but the company folded and now I have 100 pages of finished black and white art from the very talented Santiago Rosado just gathering electronic dust on my computer.  Eventually I decided I liked these stories too much to let them go to waste.  So if I couldn't publish them as comics like I wanted, I would just rewrite them as prose stories and publish them that way.  These books are all currently available in print or on Kindle, with more platforms coming soon.

Alter: Amazon Kindle AmazonUK

The American Way: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK

Fluke: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Amazon UK












Continuing with the graphic novels in prose idea, GRIM LEGION was originally a comic book story that Santiago Rosado and I were going to do before we had FLUKE accepted.  We set this book aside and work on the other and just never went back to it.  A couple of years ago, I decided I really want to tell this story, but wanted to be able to tell it the way I wanted to and without having to hunt up a publisher who might not publish the entire 100 issues I had plotted out.  So I decided to re-write it as prose and publish it myself to ensure the entire story can be finished.  THE NIGHT was written especially for my son, who, after getting back home from Basic Training before his Senior year of high school, bought himself a functioning Batman suit.  But I like my son the way he is, so I wrote him a story in which he can be his own unique hero.  THE RETURN OF ALISON WONDERLAND started as a joke, but soon turned into a story I was dying to write, while THE WEREWOLVES OF GREEN LAKE has its origins 20+ years ago when I thought of the name of a small town located on the Missouri/Kansas border, but it took those two decades to hit upon the story I wanted to set there.

All of these stories are serials and this page will expand as I continue with the rest of the books in each series.

The Night: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print AmazonUK

The Return of Alison Wonderland: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Amazon UK Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

The Werewolves of Green Lake: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Amazon UK Nook Kobo Smashwords Inktera iTunes Scribd

The Vampires of Green Lake: Amazon Kindle Amazon Print Audible Amazon UK Nook Kobo Smashwords  


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