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Novellas by C. Dennis Moore













by David Bain and C. Dennis Moore

Print: $8.99

Ebook: $2.99

This collaborative novella I wrote with David Bain, based on his original idea, is available in both print and ebook editions at Amazon and Amazon UK.


Legend says Jimi Hendrix forgot the master tapes for Axis: Bold as Love in a London taxi. To date, the tapes have never been found...

Now, C. Dennis Moore, author of the Kindle horror bestselling haunted house novel THE THIRD FLOOR, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW and REVELATIONS, and David Bain, author of GRAY LAKE and the Will Castleton series, bring you the true story behind the disappeared recordings, involving Jimi's ghost, body-hopping alien demons, a shoot-out unlike any you've ever read before, and visions of the real Electric Ladyland!





by C. Dennis Moore
Print: $3.99

My novella Camdigan, originally published by Scrybe Press in 2004, is now available as an ebook  or print edition on and Amazon UK

A wrong turn off the highway finds David lost in Camdigan, the town where the dead come to live.

Praise for CAMDIGAN
“I’ve followed Mr. Moore’s career, and he’s a young man who’s going to make a bit of a mark in the genre. He’s found a real voice here...”
--Steve Vernon, author of Nightmare Dreams and Long Horn, Big Shaggy

“Camdigan takes you on a moody and peculiar journey into the realm of dead, the undead, and the reborn. It's a piece about ambience, atmosphere, emotion, and choice. Themes of oblivion, religion, politics, and dreams intertwine with one another in a constant bevy of thoughts, ideas, memories, and events that occur in one character's life.
“You can literally feel the gloom and morbidity in each paragraph. It almost sucks you in to a place of depression, angst, and the fear of unknown. C. Dennis Moore is a prolific author with a natural talent for in-depth storytelling, and he proves it again here. His style is thought provoking and rich in setting and description. He makes you think, and gets your gears rolling, only to keep the pace moving right along into the next journey, your fingers turning the pages in a wicked frenzy.”
--Nancy Jackson, Reviewer’s Bookwatch

“C. Dennis Moore's writing is clean and clear. He doesn't unnecessarily clutter up his sentences with fat metaphors and graphic descriptions that don't advance the story.”
--Michael T. Huyck, Jr, FEOAMANTE.COM

“C. Dennis Moore has painted a town I have never seen or experienced before. Vivid in it’s grayness and stark in possibility, it will rock you from the first page. The style is smooth and flowing, leading from the questions in the start to the answers in the middle and the explosive ending.”
--Lee Pletzers, THE REVIEWER

“A sombre story that treads new ground. Strangely riveting!”
--The Eternal Night Chronicle

by C. Dennis Moore
Print: $3.99
Ebook: $2.99

My novella Safe at Home was my first ebook, published in 2003, then in print by ND3 Press in 2006, it is once again available in both formats.  Ebook and print editions available at and Amazon UK

There's a lot of excitement when you first move out on your own, especially if it's to move in with the girl you love. And it's a shame when that excitement gets tarnished by having someone murdered in your building. And then finding out that the police are pretty sure you did it...

Praise for SAFE AT HOME
"With Safe At Home, C. Dennis Moore's taut narrative and fine-tuned use of dramatic tension force the reader to look at his/her own haven and wonder what might be lurking in the basement. Smart, sexy and witty as hell with some razor-edged suspense thrown in to keep you on edge throughout, this novella marks the rise of one of the suspense genres best kept secrets."
--Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Ravenous Ghosts, The Turtle Boy and Kin.

"C. Dennis Moore shows us that no matter how hard we try to be safe and live a normal life in a normal world, there is always that one chaotic element that can send your otherwise mundane existence into a tailspin. Safe at Home is a quiet, subtle, terrifying snapshot of urban living and how your world can be turned inside out in a blink of an eye."
--David G. Barnett, Publisher, Necro Publications/Bedlam Press


by C. Dennis Moore
Print: $3.99
Ebook: $0.99

My novella Epoch Winter was originally set to appear from the Drollerie Press in 2011, but the press folded, leaving the story up in the air.  So I decided to publish it myself with ebook and print editions available on and Amazon UK.
Yahto, a Lakota man running from his part in the massacre at Little Bighorn, is seeking solitude in the mountains of Canada when he stumbles upon a mysterious woman named Yoko. She too is on the run, and together they try to find shelter and comfort with each other. But Yahto soon learns there's much more to Yoko than he thought. And the men coming after her carry weapons that shoot fire and machines that talk. How can he hope to save the woman he's grown to love and her unborn baby against pursuers the likes of which he's never imagined, and against whom he has no hope?

by C. Dennis Moore
Print $4.99
Ebook: $2.99
This collection of three novellas from different genres, supernatural horror, mystery suspense, and historical romance, all blend together to form a perfect mash-up of all things imaginative. 
by C. Dennis Moore
Print $5.99
Ebook: $2.99
Originally a serialized release, Aftermath is now available in a collected edition in both print and ebook formats at Amazon and Amazon UK.
The end isn’t nigh. It’s here. When Stacy wakes up one morning after a pretty bad drunk, she wonders where her husband and son have gone. Then she wonders where her neighbors have gone. Then the rest of the town. She wanders into the street, trying desperately to find someone, anyone, and when she finally hears a voice calling for her, the story it tells chills her, confuses her, and leaves Stacy questioning everything. 

Everyone’s gone, Randy--the teenage former stock boy--says. They were taken in the night when Jesus came down from Heaven and took away the righteous and the believers. Why wasn’t she taken, Stacy wonders, and how can she be expected to go on living in an empty world knowing she’ll never see her husband or son again? 

Readers of his dark fantasy novel REVELATIONS are familiar with horror author C. Dennis Moore’s take on the end of the world, but with AFTERMATH the rules are changed and this all new look will leave readers wondering how much more could Stacy and company possibly face in this new, uncertain world. AFTERMATH raises many questions of faith and fate, then answers those questions in some very unexpected ways. 

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean God is done with us. But are the lost, forgotten and damned up to the challenge?