The ABDUCTION arc concludes.

Trapped on an alien ship, Jack can’t escape without the boy he’s come to rescue. But once he finds him, how does he get off the ship and back home? That’s when the story of a high school legend comes to him and Jack finally has a plan.

Also, Blackbird’s secrets are revealed and this issue is prelude to the year-ending mega arc, The Legacy Wars. Don’t miss it!

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INVASION AGENTS #4: Who Is Number 5?

Why are the murderous duo Pleasure and Pain trying to silence Jody Sax?

Paragon questions the nature and limit of his powers.

A new threat appears, attacking the Capital City police station.

And the mysterious fifth member of the group begins to ask the important questions about his identity.

“Who is Number 5?” is the fourth issue in this ongoing monthly series.

This week was supposed to be spent writing the first draft of issue #9 of my monthly super hero book INVASION AGENTS.  Except when I got into issue #8 to see where I’d left off, I realized the issue was only half the length it needed to be.

I’d reached a point where I could have stopped and continued the rest in issue #9, but I really want to keep these issues at a minimum of 5000 words and I only at about 3000.  So, no go, I had to keep going.

Luckily I’ve lately been doing some restructuring of the year two arc, which meant moving some things around in the last 4 issues of year one, 9-12, which worked out perfectly, because where I need issue #8 to end is perfect for adding that extra 2000 words and getting it up to the word count I need for each issue.

So that’s one problem down.  Now I just need to come up with a great name for the villain who’s about to appear in the last 1000 words of this issue.

Sigh.  I do it to myself, really. Every time.