This week was supposed to be spent writing the first draft of issue #9 of my monthly super hero book INVASION AGENTS.  Except when I got into issue #8 to see where I’d left off, I realized the issue was only half the length it needed to be.

I’d reached a point where I could have stopped and continued the rest in issue #9, but I really want to keep these issues at a minimum of 5000 words and I only at about 3000.  So, no go, I had to keep going.

Luckily I’ve lately been doing some restructuring of the year two arc, which meant moving some things around in the last 4 issues of year one, 9-12, which worked out perfectly, because where I need issue #8 to end is perfect for adding that extra 2000 words and getting it up to the word count I need for each issue.

So that’s one problem down.  Now I just need to come up with a great name for the villain who’s about to appear in the last 1000 words of this issue.

Sigh.  I do it to myself, really. Every time.