I’ve just completed the first read-through of THE DEMONS OF GREEN LAKE and while I can still see what I was going for with the ending, I still don’t think it’s the ending I envisioned.  But this was just a first read-through; I haven’t actually started the editing or revision.  Mostly I was just checking for typos and to make sure the whole thing holds up and doesn’t crumble under its own weight.


I think it’s safe to say, I like the bones of what’s here.  Definitely need to put some thought into the traveling scene at the beginning and that ending still needs a ton of work to match up to the rest of the story as it still reads like I was rushing.  Which I was.  That was a LONG day finishing up the first draft and with the end in sight, I just wanted to type THE END and get on with my day, knowing I could always come back later and make it pretty.


I don’t think that’s going to be my focus this coming week, I think I need to give it one more week to marinate and I clear my head.  Then I’ll come back and fix the things I didn’t care for.  Meanwihle, I really should put some thought into plotting out the second and third books for both THE KINGDOM series and THE NIGHT series.  Maybe.

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