Sometimes the cover creates the book.


For years now I’ve had a collection called EVERYTHING BUT THE BITCH, which compiled three of my novellas, “Camdigan”, “Safe at Home”, and “Ice” under one cover, labelled vol. 1, with the intention of one day doing a vol. 2.  But while looking for cover images for an upcoming release the other day, I found this picture that said to me USE ME.  It even told me what book it wanted to be the cover for: Everything But the Bitch.


But this cover is so damn beautiful, that measly little collection wasn’t good enough.  So I have expanded that initial edition to include SIX of my novellas, adding in “The Organ Grinder”, “Aftermath” and “Kung Fu Sasquatch” for a massive, 93,000+ word book that I have just published today.


The paperback and hardcover editions are currently in the works, but if you’re a staunch ebook reader, you can get it NOW HERE on Amazon for only $5.99.


I mean, come on, look at that cover!

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