FLAGPOLE SITTA (an Angel Hill short 2), by C. Dennis Moore

Angel Hill has always been a place where the unexplainable is commonplace. The residents have accepted this in a don’t ask, don’t tell sort of way. But one man, Sean, feels these forces are out to get him. He can’t go out. He can’t make a noise. And when one of “them” walks into his apartment, he takes the only action he can in defending himself.

Randy King is a normal, everyday guy with normal everyday problems. He’s trying to score with his close friend Sharon.

Soon the connection between these two will become more than one can bear.

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW) returns to Angel Hill in this short tale of one man’s mental health deteriorating to the point his closest confidant must take drastic measures to insure his own safety and the safety of anyone close to him.

“Flagpole Sitta” is a 5000 word story of madness, paranoia, and identity, all tapped out in a coded message by a bird on a pole.

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