ICONS TO ASHES, by C. Dennis Moore

In a time when the undead bloodsuckers of legend have become a shadow of their former selves thanks to watered-down romance novels like TWILIGHT and the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series, horror author C. Dennis Moore returns the icons to their former glory with his collection of 6 short stories, ICONS TO ASHES. Featuring 3 previously published stories plus 3 all-new tales, ICONS TO ASHES doesn’t shy away for one moment from the bloodshed and ferocity of these killing machines.

A young man is seduced into a perfect blend of sex and death by his dead girlfriend.

A woman returns home for the first time in decades, but some old enemies can’t leave well enough alone.

In a world where vampires have equal rights, one man’s attempt to start a new life free of the bloodsuckers proves too good to be true.

Douglas wakes up battered and bruised in an alley, with the severed head of someone he doesn’t know lying nearby.

If you’re itching to see some good old fashioned killing machines again, ICONS TO ASHES has everything for the vampire-lover in you.

Praise for ICONS TO ASHES:

“C. Dennis Moore remains one of the best, and yet undiscovered, writers of the macabre working in the small press today. He handles his heroes and his monsters with equal amounts of respect. He weaves his tales with skill, and talent shines through. I’m hoping that Icons to Ashes does as much for his reputation as it does for a tired subgenre.”
–Christopher Fulbright, author of Of Wolf and Man

“Vampire fans in need of a quick bite can look forward to C. Dennis Moore’s Icons to Ashes. This collection clots nicely.”
–Steve Vernon, author of Long Horn, Big Shaggy

“Doing away with the gothic trappings, his vampires are clearly monsters–sometimes willing, sometimes haunted by what they have to do to survive. That pull between the vampires’ brutal existence and the last vestiges of their humanity provides a lot of the tension in this great collection.”
–Kristopher Reisz, author of TRIPPING TO SOMEWHERE and UNLEASHED.

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