INVASION AGENTS #1: When the Hangman Comes to Town, by C. Dennis Moore

Blackbird is on the hunt for the serial killer known only as The Hangman. The Hangman, meanwhile, has found a new target for the night, a homeless man and his young son, taking refuge in an abandoned building in downtown Capital City.

But before Blackbird can attack, the mysterious Paragon intervenes. Will all of Blackbird’s hard work be undone with one energy blast? Or will the homeless man’s own secret ability be able to save himself and his son? What about the imposing Red Bear and his arsenal of weapons?

Last but not least, who is the man in the straightjacket who appeared out of nowhere?

In decades past, the Invasion Agents were earth’s first and last defense against attack, but over the years, all the heroes vanished, from the world as well as from the memories of all those they helped save.

Now it’s time for a new generation of heroes to step up. Something is coming, Red Bear says, and the only thing that can stop it is the Invasion Agents.

Five people thrown together by fate–or so their leader says–but can they come together in time to do the work they’ve been brought together for?

“When the Hangman Comes to Town” is the first issue in a new ongoing monthly series.

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