KUNG FU SASQUATCH, by C. Dennis Moore

Susan Rogers just wanted one thing to go right this year. After the untimely loss of her husband, she can feel their son slipping away. So Susan, in an effort to reconnect, schedules a mini vacation like the ones he used to take with his dad every year. Except this year Susan, within minutes, finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, surrounded by thugs with guns. Her only hope is in a tall hairy man with fists of fury and moves like she’s never seen before.

Can Susan and her new allies Hector and Lao survive the onslaught of Mr. Williams and his gang of well-trained goons?

Is the Circle Discipline any match for a Watching Baboon move?

Are Vanilla Coke and Cool Ranch the best camping foods?

To answer at least two of these questions, Susan’s going to have to put her trust, and the lives of her and her son, in the big, hairy, and incredibly powerful, hands of a myth.

Get ready for an entirely different kind of beast.

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