CAMDIGAN, by C. Dennis Moore

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (author of THE THIRD FLOOR and REVELATIONS) takes you to the streets of Camdigan, a town literally in the middle of nowhere, the place where the dead come to live.

David has wound up there by accident, but a chance encounter with a little girl brings him face to face with the wife he lost years ago. Now he’ll do anything to get out of Camdigan, and Camdigan will do anything to keep David there.

“A somber story that treads new ground. Strangely riveting!”
–The Eternal Night Chronicle

“C. Dennis Moore’s writing is clean and clear. He doesn’t unnecessarily clutter up his sentences with fat metaphors and graphic descriptions that don’t advance the story.”
–Michael T. Huyck, Jr, FEOAMANTE.COM

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