HOUSEQUAKE, by C. Dennis Moore

Oliver Mark has found the perfect house. Old, abandoned on the outskirts of Angel Hill where no one lives, it’s the perfect place for he and his girlfriend to make a life together. But when Oliver breaks into the place to explore his new treasure, he finds himself lost in a maze of confusion and spatial anomaly.

After losing his job and getting kicked out of his friend’s house, Oliver just wants a place to build a new life, but this house wasn’t constructed using the physical laws we all take for granted. Some rooms are far larger than they should be, one room tricks him into thinking he’s outside, and several others make him confront fears he never knew he had.

As he faces madness, despair, and terror on a level he’d never imagined, he has to focus on just one goal: get out of the house before he finds himself trapped here forever.

HOUSEQUAKE is HOUSE OF LEAVES meets CUBE, so if you enjoy “eerie” and “weird” with a unique flare, this is the novel for you.

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