RETURN TO ANGEL HILL, by C. Dennis Moore and David Bain

In this special novel seamlessly merging two established fictional worlds, David Bain’s psychic detective Will Castleton (DEATH SIGHT, THE CASTLETON FILES) investigates C. Dennis Moore’s haunted town of Angel Hill (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND)! You don’t have to be familiar with either author’s previous work to love this occult mix of action, darkest fantasy, mystery, psychological suspense and noir.

Paranormal investigator Will Castleton’s psychic friend Mazie calls on Will to accompany her when she’s forced to return to her horror-infested hometown of Angel Hill, Missouri – a town she fled decades before, having been psychologically shattered by a harrowing vision in the woods. Soon she and Will are caught up by spectral forces that twist a ghastly crime from the town’s past – the unsolved abduction of a child – into an all-too terrifying present.

Their investigations pit Will, Mazie, and a host of new allies – including an ex-Sheriff, a take-no-prisoners biker gang and a race car driver – against a bloodthirsty cult and its demon-god, Noh. Dominion over the land of the living and their very souls are at stake. The tension torques even tighter as the battle expands to two fronts, with the cultists setting their sights on Will and Mazie’s loved ones back home – including Will’s girlfriend Samantha and his best friends Dougly and Corrina, who’ve just given birth to a fragile infant daughter.

From David Bain’s ghost-ridden town of Green River, Michigan (GRAY LAKE, WEED, BAND OF GYPSIES) to C. Dennis Moore’s spectral city in darkest Missouri (THE FLIP, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW), from the most darkly shadowed corners of our earth to the infernal realms of the beyond and back again, RETURN TO ANGEL HILL is a supernatural crime-suspense thrill ride you won’t be able to put down!

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