SAFE AT HOME, by C. Dennis Moore

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (REVELATIONS and THE MAN IN THE WINDOW) takes a detour with this 21,000-word suspense novella in what is one of his most autobiographical works.

Early-twenties Jim and his high school girlfriend Monica have just moved into a third floor apartment in a secure building to start a life together. Everything’s going well at first, even though Jim finds adjusting to living with another person difficult. Then one night one of the residents in the building is murdered. With the security lock on the front door, and considering Jim was the only one in the building who couldn’t prove his whereabouts at the time, all fingers point to him.

And when a few more bodies turn up in the building, all at times Jim can’t establish an alibi, things start to get a little tense at home. Jim is haunted by memories of an old 80s hair metal band he didn’t even like, meanwhile the tension between him and Monica gets stronger and stronger until Jim feels his mind is about to snap.

Moore crafts a taut thrill-ride wrapped in a blanket of nostalgia that doesn’t let off the gas until the exciting climax with a killer in the building and the police storming up the stairs. While his short stories in the horror genre have been creating dread and terror in readers for years, “Safe at Home” grabs them by the throat and thrashes them about until they’re left rattled and dazed wondering what just happened. Kealan Patrick Burke called “Safe at Home”, “Smart, sexy and witty as hell with some razor-edged suspense thrown in to keep you on edge throughout.”

David Barnett of Necro Publications said, “C. Dennis Moore shows us that no matter how hard we try to be safe and live a normal life in a normal world, there is always that one chaotic element that can send your otherwise mundane existence into a tailspin. Safe at Home is a quiet, subtle, terrifying snapshot of urban living and how your world can be turned inside out in a blink of an eye.”

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