Mandy is about to start as a caregiver at the Mertland Childrens’ Home in Angel Hill, Missouri, a town that keeps its secrets by hiding them in plain sight. For the Mertland Home, this means ghosts.

Word around town is the place is haunted, and for the workers at Mertland, they make no bones about it: it is.

There are menacing reflections, a labyrinthine third floor hallway, and a dark force lurking in the woods out back. But if Mandy can keep her wits and remember the rules of dealing with the ghosts, she just might have found her calling.

However, unbeknownst to Mandy, she’s brought a few ghosts of her own, and when she discovers the truth at the heart of the place, all she wants to do is go home.

Unfortunately, as her co-worker Lynn tells her, “the building likes you.”

Horror author C. Dennis Moore returns to the town of Angel Hill for another terrifying, edge of your seat, and ultimately heartbreaking tale in the ongoing saga of this dark and twisted place.

Fans of Peter Straub’s GHOST STORY or Jay Anson’s THE AMITYVILLE HORROR will enjoy THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND.

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