THE MAN IN THE WINDOW, by C. Dennis Moore

Angel Hill is not a place to be taken lightly.

For many, it’s the sort of town you escape from, not one you move into. And those who do often find the ghosts of their past have a way of following them.

When Todd Morgan finally moved out on his own, the last thing he expected was the feeling of isolation that came with breaking his leg in a new town, far from his home. That feeling only got worse when the man in the window showed up, a small, somehow familiar man who did nothing, just stood there and stared at him.

The worst part is Todd’s the only one who can see him. But this is no imaginary playmate. The man in the window brings with him memories Todd buried years ago, and once they’ve woken, he’ll have to make a trip back home to revisit the worst day of his life.

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE FLIP, HOUSEQUAKE) returns to the town of Angel Hill, Missouri, with this fast-paced, dark and creepy journey through a place where ghosts are just the beginning. If Todd wants to solve the riddle of the man in the window, he’ll have to face his worst fears before they drive him insane.

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