LOVE JONES, by C. Dennis Moore

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND, THE FLIP) leaves behind the ghosts to offer five erotic stories, some with a speculative bent.

In “Cunt”, a disgruntled ex waxes poetic about the one who got away.

“Like the Fruuits of the Devil” tells of a bet between a demon in Hell and the Devil himself: seduce an angel and gain free reign.

In “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, a man tries to discover if things with his ex would have been different if he’d been a woman.

“The Karma Factor at Madam Ruby’s” shows Richard’s attempt to repair his broken marriage by reliving the last time things were good between he and his wife: the last time he cheated on her.

“Goodbye” is a bittersweet love letter, written by a man to the woman who broke his heart.

LOVE JONES isn’t a happy-go-lucky collection. These love stories do not have happy endings. Instead, these stories show the darker, less appealing side of opening your heart to someone. Fueled by sleepless nights and grey skies, LOVE JONES just might ruin your day.

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