PRIVATE HELICOPTER (an Angel Hill short 4), by  C. Dennis Moore

The Angel Hill Podcast explores the mysteries surrounding this strange Midwestern town, asking questions that shouldn’t be asked, seeking answers best left unspoken. And someone, or something, has been stalking the podcast’s host, hoping to stop his investigation.

Listen in on the latest episode as the Angel Hill Podcast relates several stories of the happenings around town including a man who appears from nowhere with technology still four decades away from being realized, a series of strange noises in the crawlspace above one man’s home turns out not to be raccoons, after all, and one college student is woken by one of the most chilling requests ever heard in Angel Hill.

PRIVATE HELICOPTER is the latest in a series of Angel Hill short stories from horror author C. Dennis Moore, further diving into the deep dark waters of this tainted city where the natural world meets something … more.

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