PROBLEMS AND BIGGER ONES (an Angel Hill short 5), by C. Dennis Moore

T had one mission in life: keep her friend Tracey from getting into too much trouble.

Fine job she did, though. First they start running drugs for a local dealer, and then they start skimming off the top, thinking he won’t notice. But Junior does notice and now they’re on the run and hiding out in a very dark place.

This familiar three-story structure has seen more death than life and now the Lonely Man lurks there, looking for someone to keep him company across the long, dark nights.

“Problems and Bigger Ones”, the latest Angel Hill short, is a brutal, unforgiving story about love, devotion, and loss when two best friends find themselves in an inescapable situation and every turn leads to one more dead end. Trapped in this house, trapped in this town, trapped in their very lives, T and Tracy were just looking for a way out. But with Junior and the Lonely Man both on their trail, escape is looking less and less likely.

If Nine Inch Nails provides the soundtrack to your life, or you just like that sense of hopeless doom in everything, “Problems and Bigger Ones” is for you.

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