I just wanted to post a quick update on the current work in progress.  I’m writing the last book in the Monsters of Green Lake series, THE DEMONS OF GREEN LAKE, and today I hit the 20,000 word mark.  There’s still more to go, but that’s a pretty big milestone in ANY story, and worth noting.


Normally, these Green Lake stories don’t tend to run much longer than 20,000, but this one’s still got some story left to tell, so it’s gonna be a bit thicker than the others in the series.  Originally I’d thought it might even reach short novel length, but having gotten this far into it now, and seeing where the story goes, where the climax comes, it actually won’t be THAT long.  But it’s definitely still got some things to say before I get to THE END.


Having recently listened to the audiobook for book 3, THE WITCHES OF GREEN LAKE, I thought I did some pretty good work in that one.  But the stuff happening in THIS book, part 4?  I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite book in the series.


I can’t wait to finish it and share it with everyone.

Today was an unusual day in terms of starting a new piece in that I had the beginning written probably nine months ago. I knew clearly what the opening to The Witches of Green Lake was going to be, so clearly that I had to take a day in the middle of working on something else–one of the Invasion Agents issues, I’m sure–and write this opening instead.

So today, when I sat down to get started on the beginning of Witches, I already had the beginning. I just needed to figure out what came second. And second wasn’t exactly so clear in my head.

Sure, I had a ton of notes on what the plot, OVERALL, is about, but I don’t have it broken down any further, and certainly none of the finer scene-by-scene details. So today was the beginning, but not the beginning, and I had no idea where it was going. After spending 90 minutes and getting about 500 words, I stopped for the day and picked up my daughter from work. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.