TERROR IS OUR TRADE, by C. Dennis Moore and David Bain

C. Dennis Moore, author of the Amazon horror bestseller The Third Floor and Revelations, and David Bain, author of Gray Lake and Death Sight, have put together a collection trading ten terrifying tales back and forth between them, each story a sample from a different collection, totaling more than 80,000 words of fiction!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction – Daryl Burns

2. Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake
from David Bain’s FRIENDS OF BAIN READER, VOL. 1

3. In the Town of Broken Dreams
from C. Dennis Moore’s collection TERRIBLE THRILLS

4. Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure
from David Bain’s collection THE CASTLETON FILES

5. When Jessica Went Home
from C. Dennis Moore’s collection ICONS TO ASHES

6. A Pleasure to Burn
from David Bain’s collection GREEN RIVER GHOST STORIES

7. Cuneiforms
from C. Dennis Moore’s collection DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE

8. Black Cab
from David Bain’s collection URBAN NIGHTMARES

9. The Fish in the Fields
from C. Dennis Moore’s collection THE DICHOTOMY OF MONSTERS

10. Under an Invisible Shadow
from David Bain’s collection WORLDS COME UNDONE

11. Safe at Home
from C. Dennis Moore’s collection GENRES: THREE NOVELLAS

12. Cauldron Car
From David Bain’s forthcoming collection TALES FROM THE MODERN MAGE WARS

13. Groundhog Day – C. Dennis Moore
from C. Dennis Moore’s HOLIDAY HORRORS series of short stories

14. About the Authors

15. Sample of Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror by David Bain

16. Sample of The Third Floor by C. Dennis Moore

17. Sample of Band of Gypsies: A Dark Rock n’ Roll Fantasy by David Bain & C. Dennis Moore

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