So long before I was writing, I used to draw.  I was never great at it, but I was the best one in my high school art class and I always got A’s.  Then I started writing and just stopped drawing.  Then my daughter started drawing and by the time she was in middle school, she had FAR surpassed what little talent I had.


Then a few weeks ago I came across this book I used to own decades ago, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.  I used to love that book, I read it cover to cover, probably more than once, even after I realized the method for drawing laid out in that book is no good for me.  It’s still a beautiful book to look at.


And it really made me want to draw again.  So last week I bought myself a sketchbook and some pencils and erasers and I came home.  And I haven’t touched them since.


Because I’ve been busy all week with writing stuff.


Sigh.  Maybe one day.  Definitely one day.  Has to be.  I really did used to love it.  If only there was time in the day for EVERYTHING we wanted to get done, huh?

Writing goal for the day: Add another 1000 words to The Third Floor 2.

Writing total: 1008 words, bringing the book to 3020 words in the first 3 days.

Not bad. My goal for the first week is to get the prologue written. That’s what I’m still in the middle of, but I will definitely finish it this week and when I get back to the book in three weeks, I’ll be starting chapter one and the main part of the plot. But first I have to finish the prologue.

No worries, everything is on track.

Also, yesterday I had to do research, image searching “guest room décor.”

For the past good long while, my Saturdays have been spent not doing a lot of specific work.  Maybe catching up on emails or edits when I needed to, but I never felt really productive on Saturdays.  Now, I don’t get every Saturday off–not many of them, in fact–but for this year I’m making a new Saturday plan.  If I have it off, I’ll do a movie review and a blog post for the Midwest Creativity Coaching website.  If I have to work on Saturday, I’ll just do the blog post.  Sunday is still set aside for my newsletter and plans with my kids.

It’s late Saturday night as I write this, so the newsletter is still to come, but I did get my review and blog post done today.  And you can read them here:



Next week I start work on the next Monsters of Green Lake book: THE WITCHES OF GREEN LAKE.